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farmerWe are dedicated to advancing dairy technology in support of a simple goal: To keep MORE hard-earned profits in the pockets of our dairymen!

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“Smart Milk Sensing"

AIC’s patented “Smart” sensing, senses the density and mass of the milk then instantly calculates the milk yield passing through the sensor. End-of-milking signals are derived from our “Smart” sensing instantly calculating actual milk flow rates.  This method of sensing is superior because sensing flow rates in “real time” eliminates delays natural to large fill and dump milk meters. “Smart” sensing also overcomes varying resistance levels in the milk due to milk chemistry changes from butter fat, and other milk solids. Resistance or optical style sensors do not compensate for the varying milk solids creating variability in end of milking detach signals.       

AIC’s “Smart” sensor has no moving parts which means no regular maintenance and expensive spare parts costs. The sensor’s small compact design is easy to wash, requiring no additional cleaning chemicals, hot water or special modifications to you pipeline washing system. .  

In addition to instantly sensing milk yield and flow rates, the “Smart” milk sensing system uses our patented technology to detect the sodium ions and milk temperature. The sodium ion count is an excellent indication for high somatic cells and the milk temperature allows you catch cows in the early stages of all sorts of physical conditions.          

AIC’s “Smart” milk sensing is the heart of our detacher systems suited for all sizes of parlors and stanchion barns. It provides extreme flexibility to meet the wettest or driest milking conditions desired. The “Smart” sensing system is also available as stand-a-lone system with-out detacher capabilities.

Our “Smart” sensing  technology also lends itself well to compiling milking efficiency data such as Prep Ratio, Average Milking Time, SCC, Milk Temperature, Peak Flow Rates, Milk Production, Milker Unit ON Time, Cows Milked per/hour and more. In parlors, the system is networked into AIC’s powerful Dairy Management System called the Herd Tracker IITM which automatically summarizes the information and graphically displays it on an LCD for historic trend analysis.

AIC’s patented CT-LogicTM (Critical Temperature Logic) is also part of the “smart sensing” system.

The system is networked into AIC’s powerful Dairy Management System including the Herd Tracker PlusTM.

“Smart sensing" easily adapts to existing parlors and tie stall barns.