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Thermo Tracker Special Offer

Thermo-Tracker™ Milk Temperature Monitor


$199/each - $199/each - $199/each

Checks cow temperature at every milking


  • Alarms High Temp Cows
  • Easily mounts in the milk hose
  • Full-flow sensing
  • Self-powered
  • Switches ON/OFF automatically
  • Automatic reset between cows
  • Rugged and waterproof
  • Fits all parlors and tie stalls
  • Cleans in place
  • Easy to use
  • No moving parts or switches

The Thermo Tracker is an easy to use, hands-off, low cost instrument that measures milk temperature to identify cows with abnomal temperatures. This tool is utilized by dairy managers to improve heard health by identifying cows with high temperature before they show signs of poor health.

The patented (pending) CT-Logic (Critical Temperature Logic) is specifically designed to work within the milking process. It Identifies high temperature exception cows, by scanning out ambient temperature, air bleed(s) in the milker unit or liners, length of milk hose, and the location of the Thermo Tracker between the milker unit and the milk line. It also scans out heat stress to isolate those critical cows. The CT-Scan logic also turns the unit on and off and scans for the next unit attachment.

This full-flow temperature sensor fits in the milk hose between the milker unit and the pipeline. Because of its power cell design the Herd Tracker II requires NO WIRING or any additional parts or hoses. It switches to milk mode automatically when it sees milk. It cleans in place. It is easy to use, with no moving parts or switches.

When the display is blinking, it indicates an abnormal milk temperature.