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Smart Milk Sensing

AIC’s “Smart Milk Sensing”  is far superior because it works in “real time” instantly determining the milk flow rates while it passes through the sensor.

AIC’s patented “Smart Sensing” uses conductivity to sense the density and mass of the milk then it instantly determines the milk flow rate and compiles the milk yield. It also provides an accumulated conductivity total which is used as a Somatic Cell Indication.  Milk flow rates are instantly calculated resulting in “real time” end-of-milking signals.

Conventional Detachers use devices such as fill and dump meters and resistance sensors to trigger the detach signal.  These devices do NOT provide “real time” flow rate sensing.  Fill-and-dump milk meters trigger detach between dumps which is not at “real time” milk flow rates resulting in inconsistent detaching performance.

Conventional resistance sensors trigger detach at set resistance levels.  Higher butter fat content milk, creates more resistance extending milking unit on time by detaching at lower flow rates.   Lower butter fat content milk creates less resistance reducing milking unit on time by detaching at high flow rates.  The result is inconsistent detaching.  Resistance circuits are also very hard to keep adjusted properly since the sensing wire and connections take part in the creating the resistance in the sensing circuit.

In addition to instantly sensing milk yield and flow rates, the “Smart sensing” system uses our patented technology to detect sodium ions in the milk that increase in the subclinical stages of somatic cell generation thus providing a way to detect SCC in the early stages of development.

The system is networked into AIC’s powerful Dairy Management System including the Herd Tracker PlusTM.

AIC’s patented CT-LogicTM (Critical Temperature Logic) is also part of the “smart sensing” system.

“Smart sensing" easily adapts to existing parlors and tie stall barns.