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Simplicity starts with our customers

  1. Our customers want something that is simple to install and set-up
  2. Our customers want something that is simple to operate
  3. Our customers want something that is simple to maintain
  4. Our customers want something that is simply effective

Simple to Install and Set-up

  • A selection of mounting brackets provide a simple way to mount the components in up-grade and new installations.
  • Every system is build to order provides the ability to customize wire routing and lengths reducing the need to cut and strip wires and eliminating unnecessary splices, simplifying the installation while reducing labor costs and the possibility of installation errors.
  • All the detacher settings are adjustable on farm with no special tools. Password protection can keep unwelcome changes from being made.

Simple to Operate

  • The Presto™ Parlor and Freedom™ Tie-Stall controls provide simple single button operation.
  • Operating is intuitive and operator training needs are minimal.
  • The Herd Tracker™ systems provide simple touch screen operation.
  • Reports are generated automatically without effort.
  • The data formats are kept consist for easy reading and comparisons. 

Simple to Maintain

  • Only a few replacement parts are necessary to service the entire system.
  • Many times spare parts are kept on the dairy.
  • Service tool kits are available from AIC which provides the necessary tools and parts in a handy caring case.

 On the Dairy the AIC Systems are Simply Effective

  • Providing measures for effective Milking Management
  • Providing tools that effective Operator Management
  • Providing data for effective Cow Management