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Dairy Management Systems

Dairy Management System

  • Operator Performance
  • Parlor Performance
  • Herd Performance
  • Touch screen computer
  • Simple to use Central
  • Detacher Settings

Dairy Managment System

  • Identifies cows in the parlor using low cost RFID ear tags
  • Collects and tracks individual cow information
  • Downloads to Dairy Com 305, DHI or other 3rd party software
  • Easily added to an existing PrestoTM installation
  • Provides herd performance, parlor performance and operator performance data
  • Information is readily accessible
  • Uses with a touch screen computer
  • Web based

Parlor Management System

  • Easy to install
  • Low cost
  • Changes detacher setting for the entire parlor
  • Allows for easy calibration
  • Provide Auto Lift in a parrallel parlor
  • Gives cows milked and total milk weight