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The Universal upgrade package is designed to achieve consistency of detaching, milk weight, temperature and SCC indication for Universal take-offs. The package uses the Presto™ control to operate existing vacuum or compressed air shifting valves, cylinders and retractor arms. The package can upgrade the entire parlor at-once or can be installed one-at-a-time on a cash flow basis.

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Cow, group and herd information on milk production, milk quality, health, milk flow rates and unit on time is available at cow-side with the Presto Detacher or is summarized one of AIC's Dairy Management Systems to simplify decisions on herd, parlor and operator management. This is an essential tool when milking fresh cows or whenever information is needed on the spot.
The Presto uses the patented "Smart Sensing"  technology to monitor milk quality and quantity and to provide consistency of attaching and detaching for every cow at every milk session.
Information on milk production and quality; health of the cow and milk flow patterns is available at the cow-side for making decisions on health management, sorting and even for changing setting on detacher.  Alert lights combined with flashing data on the screen advises on exception cows.  The Presto even tells you when to attach the claw when using the Prep Timer feature.The wide range of detacher settings can duplicate the flow rate settings of other brands of detachers, so that one Presto Detacher can be installed one-at-a-time (per week/month/etc..) on a cash flow basis, if desired.  The full range of detacher settings and alarm settings are easily changed from the Presto keypad by the operator without the need for a service man.  Changes can also be made from a central location when using the Presto Master, Herd Tracker Plus or Herd Tracker RFID dairy management systems.  A password can be used to prevent unwanted changes.
A selection of mounting brackets provide a simple way to mount the components in up-grade and new installations.  Built to order, wire routing and lengths are customized to reduce the need to open control boxes and to strip, splice and cut wires on the dairy.  This simplifies installation, reducing labor costs and the possibility of installation errors.   Every Presto Detacher is tested at the factory so that it can start producing results immediately.
From the one hour/day to the 24/7 operation, as a stand-alone detacher or fully integrated with individual cow RFID, the Presto Detacher is the most cost effective approach to achieve consistency of attach and detach and to attain full automation of the parlor.

Dairy Management Systems

Presto Master™

The Presto Master™ Control is a low cost component that networks with all of the PrestoTM stall controls and provides a means to centrally change the detacher settings.


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Herd Tracker Plus™

Compiles Cow, Herd, Operator and Parlor Performance data to generate Exception Reports to assist the dairy in managing operators and cows to optimize return on investment.


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Herd Tracker RFID™

Identifies cows in the parlor using and RFID tag and transfers the individual cow's Milk Weight, Conductivity and Milk Temperature data to AIC's Herd Tracker™


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