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Dairy Managment System

  • Identifies cows in the parlor using low cost RFID ear tags
  • Collects and tracks individual cow information
  • Downloads to Dairy Com 305, DHI or other 3rd party software
  • Easily added to an existing PrestoTM installation
  • Provides herd performance, parlor performance and operator performance data
  • Information is readily accessible
  • Uses with a touch screen computer
  • Web based

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The Herd Tracker RFID™ uses a touch screen that is very simple to operate. When viewing graphic statistics, one touch pulls up the herd graphics where information is displayed within seconds.  If text data (numeric figures) is preferred, then again, the display guides the operator through the shortest path.  If individual cow history is desired the 3rd party software will store and display these records.

To facilitate further study of the data, the graphics or the text data can be printed out on an off-the-shelf printer.

The Herd Tracker RFID™ control is normally located in a dry environment where it is accessible to herd managers.

The Herd Tracker RFID™ system delivers herd performance trends such as total and average yield, SCC indication and high temperature cow alarms for a quick overview of the overall status of the Herd.   Parlor performance statistics such as thru-put (cows per hour), milk produced per hour, wash temperature and stall diagnostics are readily accessible.

The Herd Tracker RFID™ also summarizes operator performance including udder prep monitoring, unit re-attaches, manual detaches and unit on-time making it easy to determine which operators are milking cows according to standards operating procedures.  Also, the detacher settings can be adjusted from the Herd Tracker RFID™ .

The Herd Tracker RFID™ is an intuitive tool that tracks performance to achieve the highest udder and herd health objectives.  Because the system generates instant information, it facilitates a proactive approach to manage critically important operations on the dairy.

Dairy Management Systems

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Herd Tracker RFID™

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